Purple Haze Dice Set -Standard 8 piece set -sharp edge

Purple Haze Dice Set -Standard 8 piece set -sharp edge

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The Purple Haze dice set is inspired by the Stand of the same name from the anime and manga series JJBA. Purple Haze is a powerful Stand that can release a deadly virus. The dice set's cloudy bursts of shifting color and lilac numbers are reminiscent of the Stand's appearance.

The Purple Haze dice set is a great choice for any fan of JJBA or for anyone who loves unique and stylish dice. The dice are well-made and durable, and they will add a touch of flair to any tabletop roleplaying game.

8 Piece handmade resin dice set includes D20, D12, D10, Percentile D10, D8, D6, Caltrop D4, and Crystal D4. Due to the shape and the sharp edges, I recommend rolling these dice on a soft surface. 

Resin dice are standard size. D20 is 25mm tip to tip. 

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